Bonne Mère Soap – Milk

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An all-natural fragrance bar, to nourish both the hands and body.

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Bonne Mère Soap – Milk


For hands and body.. Made with a pure plant base, in the Marseille tradition of soap-making, and blended with mineral pigments so that bars are delicately tinted. The chunky feel of these all-natural fragrance bars is irresistible, choose from lavender, linden, milk, honeysuckle, rose and verbena fragrances harvested in Provence.


1 - On damp skin, create a soft foam by rubbing the soap in between your palms
2 - Gently massage the soap onto your skin
3 - Rinse


The Bonne Mère collection offers gentle daily care for the whole family (ages 3 and up). Each comforting formula is hypoallergenic and PH neutral, made without parabens or phenoxyethanol. Delicately perfumed in either white mallow milk or honey, each product comes in a generous size format, using environment-friendly vegetal plastic bottles. Inspired by the "Good Mother," an emblematic figure of Marseille, Provence, who has inspired our soap-making traditions for over 20 years. VISIT OUR E-MAGAZINE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT BONNE MERE Bonne Mere

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  • Bonne Mère soaps are in daily use in our home. They are the perfect size to hold in the shower, they last well, they are gentle on the skin and the range of fragrances are delightful. They are my soap of choice and are favoured by my entire family... A much loved product, thank you.

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