Provence Touch: Decorating a Festive Table a la Provençale

The creative Lise Petermann lends her talents to L'Occitane, helping to dress a party table with Provencal accents. Between olive branches and candle arrangements, discover step by step and in video her ideas for beautifully accessorizing your home when it is time to party!
By Mélissa Darré

Essential for an exceptional meal, a pretty table decoration is one of those details that make all the difference. As appreciated as much by the hosts as the guests, it creates a distinctive atmosphere for any event. The crafty designer from Forcalquier Lise Petermann enjoys sharing her tips for creating a festive table with Provencal notes.

Eager to think outside the box while opting for elegant simplicity, this tableware enthusiast creates an atmosphere that is both magical and convivial. At the intersection of a clever marriage between mismatched glasses and an abundance of candles, she imagines a particularly inviting play of light and shadow.

And thanks to a centrepiece consisting of olive branches, the tree symbol of Provence, Lise makes a subtle nod to the region. Are you ready to do the same, to exalt your festive meals and delight your guests with style?

L’atelier Lise Petermann
Immeuble Tende
Place Saint Michel 
04300 Forcalquier

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