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Beautiful skin begins with the right skincare products. L'OCCITANE has developed unique skincare regimens to help with all your skincare concerns, with products adapted to each step, from cleanser and toners, to serums and moisturisers, to masks, scrubs, eye and sun care.

Skin Care Products

L'OCCITANE'S assortment of natural beauty products and skincare collections offer a complete regimen aimed at achieving perfect skin. Our varying ranges and natural ingredients provide face care and skincare treatments for different skin types. Each ingredient - Immortelle, Almond Apple, Red Rice, Organic Olive, and Shea - is beneficial to its respective skin type, whether it's oily skin, sensitive skin, dry or dehydrated skin, or aging skin.

Discover L'OCCITANE'S complete face care collections including toner, cleanser, exfoliant, moisturiser and eye cream. Everything you are looking for in natural skincare is here.

Anti Aging Skin Care

L'OCCITANE sources organic Immortelle from Corsica. Immortelle is the key ingredient behind L'OCCITANE's leading natural anti-aging skincare regimen. The Immortelle flower, which grows in the sunny Mediterranean island of Corsica has the exceptional property to never wilt or fade, even when picked. Rare and precious, the Immortelle flower delivers an essential oil with exceptional anti-aging properties. Its essential oils and cell extracts stimulate colagen production for smoother skin, increase cohesion between the dermis and epidermis for firmer skin, and stimulate microcirculation, promoting cell renewal and protection against free radicals. The Immortelle flower contains incredibly powerful properties for dramatically enhanced anti-aging action.