L'OCCITANE en Provence cares about sight...

January 4th is World Braille Day, marking the anniversary of the birth of the father of this tactile alphabet, Louis Braille. This day aims to raise awareness of visual impairment and the daily difficulties that can arise from total or partial loss of the sense of sight.


During a boutique visit more than 20 years ago, Olivier Baussan noticed a visually-impaired woman sampling perfumes. After marveling at the intensity with which she inhaled the scents, Olivier was inspired to make our products more accessible to all. 

Did you know... L'OCCITANE was the first beauty company to put braille on their labels. After meeting a customer who was blind in one of his stores and was intently smelling each fragrance to figure out which to buy, L'OCCITANE founder Olivier Baussan wanted to find a way to make shopping easier for the blind, and back in 2007 began adding braille to some of the packages. Now, almost all of our products have braille.


As a sensorial brand, not only have we sought to make our products available to all, L’OCCITANE have embarked on many global initiatives to support the visually impaired. We have supported visually impaired youth through perfume schools to help the development of these young people's olfactory senses and inspire future careers, worked alongside Non Government Organisations in developing countries to fund ophthalmic research and training of specialists, funded operation on curable cases of blindness in countries such as Bangladesh, and constructed optical centers to better provide for eye care services. 

Pictured: Founder, Olivier Baussan


for helping us exceed our target of $83,000!

Last year, in the spirit of giving back, L'OCCITANE Australia along with the L'OCCITANE International Foundation continued our partnership with the Kokoda Track Foundation (KTF).

For every star gift sold last Christmas, we donated $5. We are now able to provide eye health care initiatives in Papua New Guinea's remote and rural villages. 

Learn more about Kokoda Track Foundation here and the L'OCCITANE Foundation here.