The Benefits of Sleep For Skin

The Art Of Beauty Sleep The Art Of Beauty Sleep

The Art Of Beauty Sleep

These days, life moves faster than ever. We juggle stressful jobs and fast-paced social lives... And sometimes, our skin gives away how tired we really are. Sleep is crucial to skin repair - our skin recovers best at night, and with a few tricks you can make the most of all your beauty sleep.

Rest & Reset

Our Expert Reset Ritual

1. Start using your middle and ring fingers, and create an anti-clockwise circular motion in the center of your forehead to release tension. 

2 & 3. Apply three pumps of Immortelle Reset to gently massage your cheeks upwards with your palms, and your forehead from the center of your face to the outside.

4 & 5. Complete your sensorial experience by using Lavender Essential Oil. Breathe deeply, letting the scent whisk you away, and massage it into pressure points around your face (ears, hairline).

6. Finish off by closing your energy point in a clockwise circular motion.

Our Expert Reset Ritual Our Expert Reset Ritual
Why Is My Skin Tired? Why Is My Skin Tired?

Why Is My Skin Tired?

A long list of environmental stress factors can cause damage to your skin – including pollutions, blue light from screens, or just fatigue. Studies have shown environmental factors can aggravate visible signs of ageing.

What Does Tired Skin Look Like?

You’ve seen it in the mirror: dark circles under your eyes, skin that’s dull or dry, fine lines creeping up, reduced elasticity, stress lines... Your skin keeps no secrets when it’s tired. But did you know that poor sleepers also have a slower recovery from environmental stress factors? That’s because a good’s night sleep is vital to the growth and renewal of the body's immune and physiological systems. There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep.

What Does Tired Skin Look Like? What Does Tired Skin Look Like?
What Happens To My Skin At Night? What Happens To My Skin At Night?

What Happens To My Skin At Night?

There are two important phases for recovery. The evening phase (9am - 11pm) is when skin’s epidermal barrier function is less optimal. That means skin can be penetrated more easily, making it more receptive to treatments. This is the best time to use any nutrient-rich creams, serums or oils. The night phase (11pm - 6am) is when skin renews itself – new cells replace dead or aged cells. It’s the time for the highest cell proliferation and DNA repair.

Make The Most Of Your Sleep

Applying treatments to your skin before you go to bed gives you a chance to reverse some of the negative effects your skin’s suffered during the day. Our newest Immortelle Reset Serum is designed to prep your skin even further to absorb all the benefits of your L’OCCITANE favourites. The Immortelle Reset gets your skin to a more receptive state, so it’s ready to welcome all the benefits of your skincare when your skin is working its hardest to renew itself.

Make The Most Of Your Sleep Make The Most Of Your Sleep

Enhance Your Beauty Sleep

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