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For the past 42 years, the L'OCCITANE laboratories in Provence have been formulating advance skincare products, using the finest active natural ingredients. From Immortelle, the flower that never fades to the hydrating properties of Réotier water, L'OCCITANE has learned how to harness the power of natural botanics into award-winning skincare products.

Dehydrated, acne-prone skin?

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Formulated with calcium-rich waters of Provence's Réotier Spring, our invigorating new skincare range not only moisturises skin, it helps you retain moisture longer than you ever thought possible.Infused with calcium-rich water to retain moisture, glycerin to add hydration and hyaluronic acid to maximise collagen production in the skin. 

Recommended for:
- Age 16-25+
- Oily and dry skin
- Complexions lacking hydration

Dry or sensitive skin?

Moisturise - Divine moisturising cream - l'Occitane


In Burkina Faso, women produce Shea Butter by hand. While one might expect this technique to weaken and damage the skin, in reality it leaves it incredibly soft. L'OCCITANE discovered that the Shea Butter produced in Burkina Faso using traditional methods is particularly rich in omega 6 and karitene. These molecules have exceptional properties and help to moisturise, nourish and give extra protection to the skin every day.

Recommended for:
- Ages 16-25+
- Normal to combination skin
- Sensitive skin types

Dull or uneven complexion?

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Inspired by its immaculate beauty and unparalleled luminosity, Reine Blanche skincare leaves skin looking radiant and illuminating. With its refreshing texture, the cream delightfully blends into the skin, leaving it comfortable, smooth and hydrated. Day after day, the skin recovers its natural translucency and inner light.

Recommended for:
- Ages 20-25+
- Un-even skin complexions
- Dull and lack of plumpness 
Concerns of Ageing?
Skin brightening - Reine blanche routine - l'Occitane

The laboratories have concentrated the extraordinary anti-ageing properties of the legendary Immortelle flower from Corsica, which never fades, even after being picked. The Precious range will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and firm the skin. Enriched with collagen-boosting Immortelle extracts for concerns of anti-ageing and to leaving skin feeling fimer and smoother.

Recommended for:
- Ages 25-30+
- Un-even skin complexions
- Dull and lack of plumpness 

Visible Signs Of Fine Lines & Wrinkles?
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Famous for its anti-ageing properties, the Immortelle essential oil acts to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The award-winning range has incredible velvety textures that melts into the skin, instantly nourishing and softening it. Used daily, wrinkles appear visibly reduced, the skin regains its firmness and elasticity. The skin's texture feels smoother, the complexion looks brighter and more even toned.

Recommended for:
- Ages 35-40+
- Visible Wrinkles & Fine Lines
- Dull, Uneven or Loss Of Elasticity 
Ultimate Anti-ageing Concerns
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For the very first time, L'OCCITANE has combined the power of the earth and the sea of Corsica in exceptional skincare products. Immortelle Millésimée essential oil, from the flower that never fades, comes together with Jania Rubens, the algae with the ability to eternally regenerate. A complete solution for youthful-looking skin, the Divine Harmony range helps to act on skin texture, wrinkles, radiance and facial volumes. Skin reveals visibly better defined, balanced, more harmonious contours.

Recommended for:
- Ages 40+
- Visible Signs Of Wrinkles
- Loss Of Facial Definition and Texture