Caring for Sight

​285 million* people in the world suffer from visual impairment and we know that in 80%* of cases, blindness
is preventable, if it is diagnosed and treated in time. At L’OCCITANE, senses are an incredibly important cause, as we want to live in a world where everyone can see the wonders of nature.

The “Caring for sight” program unites all of the L’OCCITANE’s Foundation, subsidiaries and distributors’ projects fighting against avoidable blindness, with international or local partners, all around the world.

Thanks to the wonderful commitment of our teams and consumers, we have reached this year our 10by20 goal : 10 million beneficiaries of eye care by 2020.
Today, we set ourselves a new objective : 15by25, 15 million beneficiaries of eye care by 2025!

Our Mission as a Brand

To enable 15 million beneficiaries to have access to eye care by 2025.
Two ways to do this: 
1. Raise funds together 
2. Make a difference together.

Did You Know?

Vitamin A deficiency is one of the leading causes of childhood blindness.

80% of blindness is preventable.

Every 5 seconds, someone in the world loses their sight.

Partnership with Sight For All

L'Occitane has been dedicated to saving sight for almost 20 years and are proud to announce our newest partnership with Sight For All. Sight For All is an Australian not-for-profit that raises funds to deliver eye health care projects free of charge to partner countries and communities. Since July 2020, L'Occitane Australia have supported Sight For All's Lao Retina Fellowship Project. 

There are currently 45 million people worldwide with vision-threatening diabetic retinpathy (DR), a diabetes complication that affects eyes and this number is expected to increase by the year 2040. The prevalence of DR is higher in Asian populations and many low-middle income countries are ill-equipped to identify and manage DR. Staggeringly, as few as 10% of patients have been diagnosed and treated in low-middle income countries.
This is indeed the case in Lao, where there is currently only one retina specialist, Dr Khamkhoune, an Ophthalmologist who was trained in the retina sub-speciality in 2015-2016 by Sight For All. With the support of L’OCCITANE, Sight For All will commence the training of the nation’s second retina expert and first female retina specialist, Dr Tui Phonephanom.

Between 2020 - 2025, Dr Tui is expected to treat 4,680 children and more than 26,500 adults. The sustainability of the project will have a profound local impact for a modest financial input, while providing high quality eye health care in Lao.



We began writing our product names in Braille (in English, the most widely understood language) in the 1990s, and have continued ever since! It's not only a way of making our products more accessible to visually impaired people; it's also a way of raising public awareness about sight loss.

Supporting NGOs


The L’OCCITANE Foundation supports the work of Light for the World, Hellen Keller International, ASMAE (Association Soeur Emmanuelle) and Sightsavers, four organizations working hard to fight avoidable blindness in Burkina Faso. Thanks to our partnership with Light for the World, we support better access to quality eye care, health care workers are gaining and strengthening their skills and we increase health centers’ capacity by purchasing adequate equipment.

The collaboration with Hellen Keller International and ASMAE offers blindness prevention care to children in the regions of the Central Plateau and the center of the country. And with Sightsavers, we have helped to eliminate two blinding diseases in the Cascades region.

Raising Funds & Awareness


Every year, we are proud to support UNICEF’s International Vitamin A Supplementation Programme by donating 100% of profits from the sale of our Solidarity Soap to support the vital cause of providing this supplementation to children around the world.

Our Team Getting Involved


Each year the brand’s retail and head office teams take part in a campaign by the name of Race For Vision, where their every move counts towards helping others and raising awareness of the fight against avoidable blindness. Team members are joining their respective team to walk, run or cycle as much as possible – every step counts and is being calculated via a bespoke app with the goal of reaching 500,000km globally.

The reward for meeting the goal? $486,000 will be donated by the International L’OCCITANE Group.

What’s even more exciting is the above goal was reached before the end of September and the Group has announced they will add a further donation of $81,800 if the team members can achieve an additional 200km by the end of the race.