L'OCCITANE has always been committed to recycling and keeping nature free from pollution. Over the past decade, more companies have been reducing the amount of plastic they use, and we're proud to say that we've always been at the forefront of the movement. We introduced eco-refills in 2008 and now we have 23 to choose from. Opting for an eco refill instead of a regular bottle will help you reduce your plastic consumption up to 90%.

A Little History...

In 1976 L'Occitane launched a bottle-return system for glass bottles, so they could be brought back to a retailer.

In 1992, we launched another program called "L'action Mistral" dedicated to promoting recycling and recovery of plastics to convince the public the need for sorting.

Eco-refills were introduced in 2008, and today there are now 23 eco-refills. Initially these eco-friendly solutions were available for liquid soaps and now have been extended to hair care, shower & bath products and hand washes.

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L’Occitane has been a proud partner of TerraCycle since 2016: the first Australian beauty brand to launch a programme. In everyone of our 57 boutiques, (from L’Occitane or any beauty brand) and responsibly recycle. Furthermore, we will give you, which has resulted in over 450,000 pieces of waste collected which is equivalent to over 15 tonnes since the program began!


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