Whether it’s a silky clean shave, rugged stubble tracing a dark shadow around the jawline or a luxuriant full beard that is his pride and joy, a well-groomed face is a man’s crowning glory. The style of beard or moustache you choose is an expression of personality, and it can be cultivated and shaped to reflect your individual style. Shaving is an important part of your daily routine, but that certainly shouldn't make it mundane. Treating shaving as a ritual and taking the time to care appropriately for your face will result in a more beautiful beard, as well as keep the bare skin around it feeling sumptuously nourished. Follow this routine every time you shave to give your facial hair the respect it deserves.

Before you begin...


If you have a short beard less than 3cm long, choose products based on your skin type. Our shaving gel and soap are ideal for oily skin as they protect it without leaving residue while a rich shaving cream will moisturise and nourish dry skin.


If you've got a long beard more than 3cm long, think about the texture of your hair and how you will soften and prepare it before shaving. Another consideration is how you like to sculpt it. Our Cade Shaving Soap develops into a creamy lather to ensure a comfortable and soft shave.

Step 1: Prep your skin

Beard hair feels coarser than the hair on your head because it grows with a thick, oily layer that protects your face from the elements. Stripping this coating away leaves the hair softer and more absorbent, yielding easily to the razor for a smoother shave. Start by hopping in a steamy shower, allowing the hot water to open the pores and relax the hair

While you shower, or once you step out, wash your face with Cade Daily Exfoliating Cleanser. Enriched with organic cade wood and rosemary essential oils to clean the skin, and chestnut and almond shell particles to remove dead cells, this skincare product leaves your skin purified and ready to shave.


Next, lather up with a shaving emollient like our Cade Shaving Cream or Cade Shaving Gel. These products instantly transform into a creamy foam to help the razor glide across your hair for a smooth shave. 

Instead of simply using your fingers to apply it, we recommend using a shaving brush to add refinement to your skincare routine. The bristles whip gel into a cloud-like foam and also exfoliate your skin. The firm brush hairs really get into your beard to scrub impurities from pores and whisk away dead skin cells. It's also ideal for whipping our Cade Shaving Soap into the perfect lather. 


When it's time to shave, turn your razor so that you're always moving with the grain. As well as feeling more comfortable, it reduces irritation to the skin so your face will be left silky with no razor bumps.

Every man's facial hair grows differently, and being familiar with the quirks of your face will make shaving a much smoother experience. Take a moment to do this pre-shave by gently stroking your beard. Acknowledge and make a mental note of where it rasps against your fingers – this is where you’re moving against the grain – and where it lays flat as your hand passes over – this is with the grain.


Once you're happy with your shave, finish with a cold water rinse. Not only providing a bracing start to the day, each splash of icy water helps to close your pores against everyday pollution. Pat dry with a clean flannel or towel and finish your routine by rubbing a coin-sized dollop of moisturising Cade After Shave Balm into your freshly shaved jawline. 

Lightweight and non-greasy, this hydrating balm is the perfect moisturizer for men. It soothes the skin after its close encounter with the razor. The refreshing cade essential oil reinvigorates skin, while the addition of ethically sourced shea butter from Burkina Faso locks in hydration. 

Et voilà – the ultimate male skincare routine. Exfoliated, cleansed and freshly shaven, you and your skin will look as glorious as the sun rising over the Mediterranean Sea. Lightly scented with a men's fragrance full of the spicy herbs and resinous shrubs of coastal Provence, our men's skincare products will leave you smelling as warm and inviting as a French summer night too.

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