How To Keep Your Skin Fresh And Hydrated

We all know that hot and humid feeling that comes around so often with summer heatwaves. You're uncomfortable and all you can think of is spending the rest of your days under a cool stream of water. Well, don't sweat! For those days when you can't drop everything and head to the pool, we have your ultimate beauty must-haves to keep you feeling refreshed and hydrated.

How To Keep Your Complexion Fresh

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The Power Of Water And Hyaluronic Acid

Summer heat and sun exposure really does a number on your face, it can easily make your skin look tired and dehyrated. Sometimes all you need is a boost of freshness to help you reset. Our incredible Aqua Reotier skincare range is infused with calcium-rich spring water and hyaluronic acid for a shot of moisture that your skin needs.

aqua reotier

Hydration Is Your Skin's Best Friend

When your skin is oily, you may think you don't need to moisturise. In summer, take moisture to the next level with our Aqua Reotier Thris-quenching Gel. The freshing textures of this face moisturiser packed with hyaluronic acid will give your skin a revitalised look, so that you're ready to beat the heat.

Embrace A Burst Of Freshness


Keep cool during summer

Is it time to freshen up your body care routine? To survive the summer heat and humidity, make sure you have plently of refreshing self-care moments. Our Verbena body care range will transport you straight to a warm summer's day in Provence, while indulging your senses with refreshing textures to help moisturise and invigorate your tired skin.


Wake Up To Energising Skin

There's nothing like a burst of freshness in the summer time - standing by a fan, splashing water on your face or staying cool by the refrigerator. What if we told you that you could have the same feeling from a body gel? Our NEW Verbena Ice Body gel is enriched with menthol for an instant cooling effect. Keep it in the fridge for an added burst of freshness!

Nourished Damaged Hair


Scalp Feeling Irritated And Flaky?

Maybe you find yourself taking multiple showers on a hot summer day to cool off. Make sure you are washing your hair with cool water, as it is one of the best ways to refresh a hot scalp - this will also help avoid an irritating and flaky scalp. Our natural ingredient-based hair care products will refresh and help revitalise, while


Refreshing Hair Care Routine

Washing your hair in the summer months is more important than in the winter time, simply because of the rise in temperatures. Sweat can make your hair frizzy and flat, but over washing it can also cause it to dry out. The solution is finding a gentle shampoo that helps purify and keep hair clean for longer.

For A Fresh Instant Fix


Refreshing Face & Body Mists

Make any moment a refreshing one with of our travel-friendly mists. We have one for every type of skincare concern. Spray your face mist anytime and anywhere for a boost of freshness and hydration!


A Mist With Hydrating Reotier Water

Our Aqua Reotier Mist is one-of-a-kind, containing the calcium-rich waters from the Reotier Spring in Provence, this mist will help your skin retain moisture, leaving it hydrated and refreshed!