L'OCCITANE launched a large-scale immortelle plantation, covering 50 hectares, in Corsica, using organic farming methods. In 2011, Six growers/distillers cultivated and distilled organic immortelle in the Balagne region and eastern Corsica.

Did you know?

The Immortelle flowers are picked in the morning and distilled the same day, in the evening, to extract all their constituents. 1 hectare provides enough land to produce 4 tons of flowers.

Patented Effectiveness

L’OCCITANE has registered four patents, which attest to the innovative nature of our research into cell regeneration and the remarkable effectiveness of our skincare products made with immortelle from Corsica.


Did you know?

In 2004, the L’OCCITANE Group launched the very first large-scale Immortelle plantation programme in Corsica. It invited several producers to get involved in cultivating this flower for the first time, using organic farming methods. 

“I could not see myself farming any other way than organically, and L’OCCITANE insisted on a certified-organic cultivation programme. It really was a case of meeting the right people at the right time.” Pascale Chérubin, Immortelle producer.