What are the benefits of Immortelle?

Derived from the Immortelle plant, this natural ingredient is often referred to as the ‘flower of beauty and youth’. Used primarily as an oil, Immortelle is renowned for both its restorative properties and its effectiveness on scarred or damaged skin. Immortelle oil is also known for reducing redness while restoring the healthy skin glow by correcting underlying complexities and renewing the skin through detoxification and collagen production. As well as these practical uses, the immortelle flower contains natural moisturising properties that help to fight the signs of ageing; evening the appearance and texture of the skin, reducing the appearance of age spots and combating the development of fine lines and under-eye wrinkles.

Our Immortelle Producers

Pascale Chérubin initially taught agriculture in Corsica. Aged 39, she then decided to cultivate Immortelle flowers. Pascale shares her passion for nature with her children and makes the rhythm of her culture, the rhythm of their life. Immortelle flowers are a very particular flower, as strong as they are beautiful. They supply an essential oil that inspired  L’Occitane’s Precious and Divine ranges - “Life is made of opportunities and those opportunities pave your way! I have the chance today to grow 7 hectares of Immortelle flowers. My family and I live in the middle of our fields, even if I’m not there every day. It defines the rhythm of our lives and it is an integral part of our daily life.”

Meet Pascale Chérubin

Our relationship with our producers is precious, and built on trust and mutual respect. They're the ones who grow the locally sourced, traceable ingredients that lie at the heart of our products. We have long-term, non-exclusive contracts with our producers, pay them a fair price, and provide them with technical and financial support. But we want to go even further…

Our aim: to have a Fair Trade relationship with all our direct producers by 2025.

100% Organic Essential Oil

The Immortelle flower - a natural treasure that lives an exceptionally long life. Made with 100% organic essential oil, it is rich in active molecules, with unique anti-ageing properties. For over 18 years, L'OCCITANE has been working on its anti-ageing properties and has already six patents registered in France. Our award winning Immortelle collection is infused with this luscious oil, offering complete solutions that bring instant suppleness and comfort to the skin. It is 100% Traceable and 100% Made in Corsica.

100% Traceable

We currently work with a dozen producers and distillers in Corsica to grow, harvest and distil the precious immortelle flowers. Immortelle grows wild in Corsica, but it would be risky (and unsustainable!) to harvest and use the wild plant. So, in 2004, we launched our immortelle plantation programme. 50 hectares were planted! We work with several producers in Corsica. They grow immortelle organically, and their contracts with L'OCCITANE cover several years.

Our Immortelle Range


Helps to smooth fine lines, even skin tone, brighten and provide protection against UV rays and external aggressors.



Smooths out fine lines, protects against oxidative stress and external aggressors, moisturises and comforts skin day and night.



Deeply nourishes, promotes micro circulation, diminishes crow's feet, reduces puffiness whilst restoring skins balance.



The Divine Harmony range combines two advanced anti-ageing ingredients, Immortelle Essential Oil and Jania Rubens alge.