Immortelle Reset

Time to Reset

In Immortelle Reset, Immortelle essential oil is encapsulated in micro-bubbles. Those little bubbles keep immortelle vertues through time. Immortelle essential oil knows for her anti-aging benefits and helps to protect against external agressions. The Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum is applied before you sleep for skin that looks rested in just one night. 

NEW | Reset Serum 50ml

Our iconic Immortelle Reset Serum is now available in 50ml. Enriched with Immortelle Oil Extract and other anti-ageing ingredients, the Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum helps hydrate and repair your skin while reducing reduce fine lines, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, supple and hydrated.

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Immortelle Reset Serum

Restore radiance and luminosity overnight with this serum. Your skin looks younger, well-rested and fine lines are less visible. 


Immortelle Reset Eye Serum

Transform your under eye area with this eye serum. Signs of under eye fatigue are diminished and will provide your skin with anti-ageing benefits.


Immortelle Serum Reset Clinical Results


91% skin looks awakened*
81% skin looks luminous*
97% skin looks rested & fresher* 

(1) Consumer Test Results, 31 Women.
(2) Consumer Test Results, 51 Women.


100% skin looks rested*
97% complexion has a healthy glow*
90% fine lines and expression wrinkles are less visible* 

(1) Consumer Test Results, 31 Women.
(2) Consumer Test Results, 51 Women.


100% skin looks transformed & re-energised*
100% skin looks replenished with moisture and plumped*
90% skin is younger-looking*

(1) Consumer Test Results, 31 Women.
(2) Consumer Test Results, 51 Women.

Do I need To Use A Serum?
You’ve probably heard of it, but for those still confused about what exactly the point of serum is, buckle up. We recommend using a serum as an essential step in any beauty routine because it targets parts of your skin your other products just can’t reach. We’ve got all the juicy details on this powerful little beauty secret... 
The Benefits Of A Night-Time Ritual
Nightime is when the skin ativates its repairing mechanisms to tackle the damages caused by external aggressions during the day. Our unique association of natural active ingredients was specially developed to support the skin's repairing process. Discover our ultimate Night-time ritual that will work hand in hand to repair your skin while you sleep. 
How To Apply Your Serum
Step 1: Begin with smoothing movements. Massage this spot at the center of your forehead in a circular counter-clockwise motion.
Step 2: Apply a pea-sized drop of the Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum on freshly cleansed, dry skin, starting with upward movements along the jawline.
Step 3: At the center of the face, gently massage the product from the nose up to your forehead and temples.
Step 4:  With circular motions on the cheeks, press product in until all of the bubbles of oil have completely melted into the skin. Don’t forget to apply the product to the neckin an upwards sweeping motion and finish by sweeping across your décolletage.
Step 5: Let the product absorb into skin and then apply one of our most-loved moisturisers. Finish by massaging the center of your forehead in a circular clockwise motion.​