The Women Of Burkina Faso

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Empowering Women And Women's Leadership

Since the 1980s, L'OCCITANE has been promoting sustainable partnerships with women producers of shea butter. To further extend this commitment, the L'OCCITANE Foundation empowers women in Burkina Faso. Since its creation in 2006, more than 26,000 women have received support in developing and strengthening their activities in Burkina Faso.

Colourful, Cheerful And Meaningful

solidarity balm

Solidarity Balm

Introducing the Orange Blossom Solidarity Balm*, a new limited edition from L’OCCITANE that celebrates the women of Burkina Faso with its bright and colourful motifs.

Evocative of African wax fabrics, it’s adorned with red, green and white “wedding flowers” – known for symbolizing the happiness of marriage. The pearly pink in the background recalls the pinkish white of orange blossom, while the dark blue oval shapes evoke the nuts used to make Shea butter – the ultra-nourishing ingredient at the heart of this product

*100% of the profilts** donated to Support Women's Leadership.
**Sales price in store minus taxes, transport and production costs.

Making Women Shine...

The L’OCCITANE Foundation wishes to give Burkinabe women an extra boost so they can let their talent shine through. The program for Women’s Leadership in Burkina Faso is here for them to make their professional dreams come true. All funds gathered by the sales of the Solidarity Balm will be devoted to their ambitions by focusing on three key goals:

1 - Writing a better future

L’OCCITANE has helped more than 10.000 women to learn how to read and write since 2008. It also supports the education of 450 girls for four years at secondary school.

2 - Boosting ambitions

L’OCCITANE has allowed 8000 women to benefit from micro-credit since 2009.

3- Revealing leadership

L’OCCITANE launched in 2016 the “L’OCCITANE pour Elles” program to boost entrepreneurs women’s actions and scale up their business.