Our Mothers of Nature don't just grow ingredients, they cultivate nature. In honour of the work and passion these inspiring women produce, this Mother's Day we celebrate our 'Mothers of Nature', with gifts that celebrate them.

Cathy, the Mother of Immortelle

Grown in the harsh conditions of Corsica, Cathy tends to the fields of Immortelle to provide one of L'Occitane's signature ingredients. Immortelle is resilient and provides endless promises of care, just like Cathy and all mothers do.

"Because we have this fragile baby, we take care of it. Once it takes root, it grows."

Immortelle Heroes


The only gift better than cashmere, is skincare that is powered by nature's ingenuity. With an indulgently rich texture, the Immortelle Divine Cream will leave skin looking as young as they feel.

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Every mother wants to feel rested, fresh and more youthful. Enriched with Immortelle Oil Extract, the Immortelle Reset Serum helps hydrate and repair the skin while reducing fine lines.

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For the gift of sleep, reach for the Immortelle Precious Overnight Mask. Enriched with Immortelle Super Aqueous Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, it protects against environmental aggressors.

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Sabine, the Mother of Lavender

Lavender is a vital part of L'Occitane's DNA to provide comfort and indulgence to our routine, just like mothers do. She harvests the finest lavender to yield the best essential oil for use in our body products.

"By expressing itself, the plant gives back everything we've given it all year round."

Lavender Luxuries


For a fail-safe gift, the Lavender Foaming Bath offers the ultimate 'me time'. With fragrant lavender that leaves the skin supple and clean, it's scent transports you to the rugged hills of Provence.

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The Shea Lavender Liquid Soap leaves the hands feeling clean and nourished, fragranced with Lavender. For the eco-conscious mother, pair this with the eco-refill to minimise your environmental impact.

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Perfect for mum to wind down at the end of the day, relax with the Relaxing Pillow Mist. With the long-lasting scent of lavender from Provence, it's the ultimate gift for a good night sleep.

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Known as 'women's gold', Shea Butter provides a source of comfort and stability for the women of Burkina Faso who produce this iconic ingredient. Shea Butter is both nourishing and protecting, and a true ode to Mother Nature.

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