Our Ultimate Winter Beauty Tips

The harsh Winter Season can bring many challenges to your skin, especially for those who already suffer from dehydration and sensitivity. Here are a few quick and easy beauty tips that you can introduce to your daily routine, that will get you through the Winter.


Perfect for all skin-types, our Immortelle Divine Youth Oil is highly concentrated in anti-ageing Immortelle essential oil and contains 2X more anti oxidants than Vitamin E. This multi-purpose skincare hero will help add the extra treatment that boosts your skin needs this Winter, while fighting against any visible signs of ageing.

We recommend to use it daily, by adding a few drops into your moisturiser or by itself on top of your serum. The luxurious oil will leave skin feeling light, silky and brighter in complexion. 

Our Hero Oil:
- Immortelle Divine Youth Oil 


During Winter, your skin will seek additional hydration and comfort. To do this, we recommend swapping your daily moisturiser and cleanser to a more creamy and milky texture for extra nourishment. Skin will instantly feel comfortable all day long, while helping to fight against external agressions such as weather conditions, air-conditioning and pollution. 

Our Milk Cleansers:
- Shea Butter Milk Cleanser for dry and sensitive skin
- Immortelle Milk Cleanser for uneven skin and anti-ageing concerns 


Once you've completed your look for the day, spray a water-based mist over your complexion to boost your glow and set your make-up. Misting your face throughout the day will ensure your skin stays hydrated without dry patches appearing. Our perfect range of face mists are travel friendly, therefore you'll be able to keep one in your desk drawer, hand bag or car for immediate touch ups.

Our Face Mists:
Aqua Reotier Mist for dehydrated skin.
Perfecting Pivoine Mist for dry and un even skin.
Shea Butter Mist for senstive and very dry skin.
Immortelle Precious Mist for anti-ageing and plumping concerns. 
Have you ever perfected your hair to then walk out the door to dry or rainy weather? We recommend introducing a morning treatment to your hair, with a mousse, gel or oil tame friziness. 

We recommend our Aromachologie Repairing Oil that does wonders to nourish and protect hair. Simply smooth onto the ends of your hair before shampooing, before blow drying or on dry hair. Our Aromachologie Repairing Mask also works wonders for dry and damaged hair, by helping to maintain shiny and smooth locks all day long. You can use it as a weekly treatment after shampooing with the Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo
A body scrub can transform your skin instantly from dry and rough, to soft and supple. We enjoy using our scrubs in the bath or shower, in massaging movements over the body to boost circulation and increase blood flow to your skin's surface. The exfoliating granules in our scrubs will help get rid of dead skin and excess oil, leaving your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and renewed.  

Our body scrubs:
- Almond Delicious Paste 
- Shea Ultra Rich Body Scrub
- Verbena Salt Body Scrub

Luxurious bubbles and natural scents will help you unwind after a long day. Our in-bath treatments such as the Ultra Rich Shea Butter Foaming can help you relax, while treating your skin to a mini spa treatment. It is perfect for sensitive and dry skin, as it is rich in texture and leaves skin feeling soft and delicately fragranced.

Don't forget to add a bit of bubbles with the Lavender Foaming Bath, an essential to relax the body and mind.