Payment methods and security

Forms of payment that can be used:
To purchase online can use the following methods of payment:

1. Credit cards online: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Credencial MasterCard and Diners
2. Pay Pal

Security in electronic payment
The process of buying zone has payments 100% sure that guarantees the confidentiality of your financial data by taking the purchase directly to the transactional area of your franchise credit card or bank, the check of your financial information is made in the server of your franchise or bank (elected), Provenzal Ltda. Don’t have access in any time to this information. No one can make use of your information without permission, since the information is unreadable (encrypted comes to the bank). In this way, payment by credit card is completely safe. For further security, these data are not stored on our server, so you must communicate all information on each new order.

If the delivery address is the same address of the purchaser, the bill will come included with the products. If the delivery address is different from the address of the purchaser, the bill will arrive by e-mail to the buyer.