Réotier Spring Water

Réotier Spring Water

Réotier spring water is one of the latest secrets discovered by L'OCCITANE. Incredibly rich in minerals, its high calcium content helps to maintain the skin's moisture barrier.  

A unique biodiversity

Located at the gateway to a French National Park, the Réotier spring has been designated a Natura 2000 protected area by the European Union.
Constantly fed by this unique mineral water, the surrounding fauna and flora resemble those found in both coastal and mountainous landscapes.
The result is a rich biodiversity that makes this site a true natural treasure.

Responsible sourcing

A water that's responsibly sourced

The L'OCCITANE Laboratory is the first to source an ingredient from the heart of this unique environment. We are dedicated to protecting its incredible qualities, for future generations to enjoy.  
We work closely with experts and have limited our intake to 0.04% of the spring's total production of water. We have also taken measures to protect the land around it, so that nature lovers can continue to enjoy it for years to come.
Aqua Réotier
Formulated with calcium-rich Réotier water, lock in moisture for powerful hydration that lasts all day long. Our new skincare range is water-based and perfect for complexions suffering from dehydration.