Race For Vision

Our Commitment to Preventing Avoidable Blindness

Since the beginning, L'Occitane has supported our community and the environment. In particular, we feel very strongly about our commitment with UNICEF to fight against avoidable blindness.
DID YOU KNOW? In third World Countries, Visual impairtment is due to a Vitamin A deficiency.
DID YOU KNOW? 80% of avoidable blindess is avoidable.
AS AN ORGANISATION: We work together to educate healthcare worked on eye care and provide vitimin A supplements. RACE FOR VISION: is a way in which we want to achieve our goals.
OUR AIM: Is to enable 10 million beneficiaries to have access to eye care, by 2020.
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What we are doing as a company


As an organisation we are working together to help the community around us. We want to use our bodies to help others by running, walking, cycling.


RACE FOR VISION DAY 13th JUNE: Our Goal for Race for Vision Day is to join with our customers to reach our goal of 100 000km, and we will donate 50 000 Euros to our KTF foundation

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On Thursday 13th June, help us raise funds by participating in our Race.  WE CHALLENGE YOU TO WALK 15000 STEPS IN ONE DAY. How easy is that? Being mindful and aware of the world around us, and also our personal health is very important to us.

Race for vision at L'Occitane

From the 3rd to the 23rd June, on a global scale, L'Occitane is walking for avoidable blindness. This is happening all around the world, and in our Australia Boutiques and Head office. As a team we work together to challenge one another on how many steps we can do, for a good cause. It is as simple as that!