We've got a few tricks up our sleeve for maintaining your beauty routine during the rainy season.


Excess oil and shine is a common humidity-induced concern. To combat it, turn to specific cosmetics: regularly exfoliate your face, or apply a rebalancing mask, like Pivoine Pure Purifying Minute Mask. In the morning, apply a mattifying moisturiser before your make-up; you may try our Pivoine Pure Mattifying Fluid.


When the overall air moisture is high, turn to an easy, light and natural look; avoid heavy moisturiser and foundation. Instead, we recommend applying a tinted moisturiser like a correcting CC cream with a matte finish - we love our Pivoine Sublime CC Cream for this.

By applying the Pivoine Sublime CC Cream, you immediately hydrate your skin upon application, while effortlessly creating a perfect-looking skin finish. Your complexion is even, luminous and protected with SPF 20 for day to night wear. 


Once you've completed your look, to finish up, spray a water-based mist on your face to boost its glow and set your make-up. Choose from our range of face mists according to your skin concern:

Perfecting Pivoine Mist for Dry and Un-even Skin.
Shea Butter Mist for Senstive and Very Dry Skin.
Immortelle Precious Mist for Anti-ageing and Plumping Concerns. 


Ever perfected your hair for the day and walk out the door to a rainy day? To avoid any frizzy textures by working a mousse, gel or oil through your hair to coat and smooth it.

Try our Aromachologie Repairing Oil that makes wonders to nourish and protect hair fibers. You can also rinse it with cold water at the end of your shower.

As for your hairstyle, the simplest way is to pull your hair back in a bun or a ponytail on a rainy day. If you want to wear it down, wrap it quickly in a loose bun and take it down once inside.

Rainy Day Beauty Must-Haves