Fill Better With Our Refill Fountain

Our innovative Refill Fountain continues our commitment of reducing waste and supports the circular economy, by providing our much-loved product with zero packaging via 'forever bottles' across core bath & body ranges. The in-store Refill Fountain experience is quick and easy, and invites customers to participate in the collective commitment to the environment. We are excited to continuously launch our refill fountains in boutiques across Australia.

The Forever Bottle

Our Forever Bottles are one-time purchase bottles, made of long-lasting, lightweight, recyclable and 100% recycled aluminium. These bottles allow you to not only top up on your favourite products without creating more waste, but also save financially. These bottles are available in a 250ml and 500ml size.

Once you're out of product, remember to thoroughly clean and dry your forever bottle so it can be home to more product. Use a sponge and/or bottle brush to remove all leftover product, rinse and let it out to dry before you come back into our boutique for more product.

The Forever Bottle The Forever Bottle

How To Use Our Refill Fountain

The fountain itself is simple to operate and has been adapted to accommodate L’Occitane’s formulations and products. Most importantly, it has been specially engineered to ensure the quality control, traceability and strictest health & safety standards systematically required.

Step One Step One

Step One

Bring an empty bottle or purchase one of our Forever Bottles (250ml or 500ml) and place under the tap.

Step Two Step Two

Step Two

Select which one of the products available that you would like a refill of.

Step Three Step Three

Step Three

Lastly, pour! Our refill machines are calibrated to hygienically dispense the exact amount of product refill depending on which size you selected.

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