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Immortelle Reset Tri-Phase Essence

Introducing the latest innovation to our best-selling Immortelle Reset range – the NEW Immortelle Reset Tri-Phase Essence, your daily defence against fatigue. Every day internal stress, lack of sleep and a hectic life can weaken the skin and throw it off balance - contributing to a tired and dull look. Our Immortelle Reset Tri-Phase Essence with an innovative tri-phase formula offers a surprising sensorial experience with a nourishing yet fresh feeling and fast-penetrating texture to improve your skin's radiance, balance and strength.


Enriched in powerful botanicals of Prebiotic, Immortelle essential oil and Acmella, this essence acts as the first treatment in your skincare routine to maintain your skin’s balance and strengthen your microbiome for a more radiant complexion.

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The Formula


The base consists of a 70% aqueous phase, with Acmella Oleracea and natural prebiotics to balance the skin.
Followed by a middle oily layer of Immortelle Essential Oil to fight fatigue and strengthen the skin.
The top oily phase has a velvety finish and free fro silicones to compliment the skin’s natural water/oil balance and composition.

The result is skin that feels replenished and looks healthy, hydrated and radiant.

Featured Ingredients

Immortelle Essential Oil

Sustainability sourced in Corsica, this powerhouse antioxidant protects the skin from external aggressors and targets signs of ageing. Over time, skin tone looks more even and signs of fatigue are reduced.

Natural Prebiotic

Derived from Beetroot Extract, it's powered with nutrients to help restore and maintain skin’s balance. Strengthening the skin's microbiome, the 1st line of defense, it limits the presence of harmful bacteria that disrupt skin’s harmony.

Acmella Oleracea

A natural plant extract which helps to refine and smooth skin appearance. This ingredient targets the appearance of fine lines for more youthful-looking and soothed skin.

How To Apply


After cleansing and toning, shake well to activate the essence then spray 3 doses directly into the palm of your hand. Spray keeping the bottle diagonally, instead of vertically, to maintain the blended phases for longer.


Gently press the product in a roll and lock motion into your skin. For an even more sensorial experience, follow by an indulgent massage using either your hands or a massaging tool to awaken the skin and stimulate blood flow.

Visible Results


Our Reset Essence helps maintain your skin balance and improve its resilience to daily stress, for a more even, radiant and healthy-looking complexion

  • AFTER 1 DAY: skin feels fresh, moisturised and smooth
  • AFTER 7 DAYS: skin quality seems improved with a healthy-looking glow
  • AFTER 28 DAYS: skin seems more resilient and skin looks reset

*Efficacy test on 33 women after 28 days. 

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