Shea Butter Baby

Our much loved natural shea butter is now available in a baby range, to help take care of your baby's sensitive skin, The new formula is extra gentle on your baby's skin and is contains Vitamins A, E and F to help strengthen their natural skin barrier, protecting against dryness and skin conditions such as eczema. Help keep your baby's skin smooth soft and health with L'occitane's range of shea butter foaming cream, massage balm, moisturising milk and fragrance water.

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Its all in the touch

The periphery of your babys body is often cold since their cirulatory system hasn’t fully developed yet. Massaging baby's hands helps improve circulation warming them at the same time.

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Safety First

Shea Baby range meets strict safety requirements. All the ingredients were thoroughly tested and carefully selected for their gentle properties. Over 93% of the ingredients are naturally derived. All products were tested under paediatric.


We've developed the Shea butter baby range to be extra gentle on baby’s sensitive skin so you can nourish and pamper your baby’s skin while making every moment of skin-to-skin bonding time last. Shea butter is a mouturising  ingredient that offers protection to your baby's skin while enhancing the growth of healthy skin cells to keep your baby's skin healthy, strong and smooth.

Shea butter is a natural ingredient that provides extra benefits to baby's skin and hair, including:
- Moisturising effects on dry, dehydrated skin 
- Smooths the skin 
- Natural treatment for eczema
- Anti-inflammatory properties for rashes, including nappy rash

What are the Benefits for your baby?


Skin-to-skin touch is the most important bonding activity for mom and baby


Gently eases baby into their daytime routine and starts off the day in a positive way


The perfect way to wind down before bedtime and help baby get to sleep with less fussiness


Shea butter is known for its high concentration of fatty acids allowing to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. It boasts a high lipid content which softens and nourished the skin, and is rich in unsaponifiable substances, with protective properties.


We strongly believe in the power of nature. That's why we use an organic Shea Butter sourced from a specific women’s union in Burkina Faso, with a guarantee of traceability right up to the finished product.


All our ingredients have been carefully formulated and selected for their gentle properties, to minimise the risk of allergies and respect baby’s delicate skin.

Shea Baby