Supporting Producers: A Story Of Fairness

Our ingredients – and therefore our producers – are the lifeblood of L'OCCITANE. Were it not for their hard work, dedication and skills, we wouldn't be able to create such unique, authentic products. Dialogue, respect and transparency lie at the heart of our relationships with our producers. Some of our partnerships have lasted for over 30 years!

Our mission as a Brand

To have a Fair Trade relationship with all our Producers by 2025.
To make this happen, we'll focus on two areas: 
1. Working hand in hand with growers to ensure all our relationships are built on fairness
2. Producing responsibly and sustainably together.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is all about stable prices and incomes, decent working conditions, empowering farmers and workers, and ensuring they get a fair share of the profits from their produce. It means supporting producers, helping to improve the quality of their lives, building a sustainable future for them and their families, and caring about people and the planet.


1- Fair payment (fair prices, fair wages)
2- Fair trading practices (pre-payments, long-term contracts)
3- Transparency, accountability and respect (collective decision making, communication at all levels of the supply chain)
4- Good working conditions (hours, safety, etc.)
5- Respect for the environment (sustainability, energy efficiency)
6- Raising consumer awareness


Fairness at L'Occitane

Our Actions, Our Convictions

At L'OCCITANE, there is no question of exploiting our producers! We pay the fairest price possible and sign long-term, non-exclusive contracts – so they can count on a stable income, but are also free to trade with other partners. We provide down payments when needed. We support family farmers who are passionate – about what they do and want to hand down their skills and land to the next generation. We know our producers personally and work with them on the ground all year long.   

Immortelle Producers

Strengthening Relationships Through Multi-Year Contracts

We currently work with a dozen producers and distillers in Corsica to grow, harvest and distil the precious immortelle flowers. Immortelle grows wild in Corsica, but it would be risky (and unsustainable!) to harvest and use the wild plant. So, in 2004, we launched our immortelle plantation programme. 50 hectares were planted! We work with several producers in Corsica. They grow immortelle organically, and their contracts with L'OCCITANE cover several years.

Almond Producers

Bringing Almond Trees Back to Provence

Our main almond producer has a multi-year contract with L'OCCITANE. With our support, he has planted over 15,000 almond trees in the Valensole region of Provence. We don't just purchase whole almond nuts; we also use broken almonds, which would otherwise be thrown away. L'OCCITANE is a founding member of France Amande – a French organisation dedicated to replanting almond trees on a large scale in Provence.

Key Figures

28 traceable supply chains, over half of which are organic

98 producers and over 10,000 pickers

40 contracts, of which 24 cover several years