Petit Remedy


It may be petit, but it’s packed with benefits! If you’re looking for a little beauty hero that takes care of anything from dry and irritated skin to lacklustre locks, then take a look at our new, does-it-all, multi-care balm.

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100% Natural Ingredients


True to our values, it’s free from petroleum, mineral oil and anything artificial. It blends four of our super-ingredients with a touch of the traditional Arnica to create a rich and scented balm.

Lavender Essential Oil, Relaxing and Comforting

Almond Oil, Smoothing and Hydrating

Shea Butter, Intensely nourishing

Immortelle Essential Oil, Soothing and Firming

How to use it

Face and Body

Combining tons of skincare products into one petit pot for Face & Body:
• Can be used before or after your everyday face moisturiser or anti-aging cream for an ultra-nourishing boost.
• Helps to protect the skin from dry weather – perfect for slipping in your beach bag.
• Can be used as a lip mask, to leave chapped lips noticeably softer and smoother.
• Helps to highlight and define cheekbones.
• Helps to tame unruly eyebrows.
• Helps to define and flatter legs when used as a body balm or body butter.
• Nourishes dry knees and elbows.
• Helps to soothe and relieve tired or sore muscles when massaged into skin.

Hands and Feet

This little pot will protect and perfect your hands and feet. Our Petit Remedy:
• Can be applied as an overnight mask to nourish dry hands.
• Works as a rich hand cream to help stop your fingers and palms from cracking in cold or dry weather.
• Adds shine to dull nails and moisturises dry nails.
• Helps to soften cuticles on nails so they can be pushed back easily during a manicur or at-home pedicure.
• Helps to nourish and repair damaged heels.
• Can be used as a restorative mask for dry feet.
• Provides a healthy, glossy shine when applied to toenails.
• Nourishes areas of dry skin on the soles on your feet.


Extra Petit

Bring the Petit Remedy on trips and appreciate the newfound lightness of your suitcase, or slip one in your pocket or handbag when you’re on the go, to feel safe in the knowledge that you can tackle any beauty concern or soothe any sensitivity with ease.

The natural scent will smell all the more delightful with the knowledge that its creation supports sustainable farming and biodiversity, helping to protect endangered plants in the region’s fertile fields. For a final eco-friendly touch, the packaging is fully recyclable.

We designed this balm to be an indispensable year-round companion. The aromatic scent of the essential oils will instantly transport you to summertime on the Côte d'Azur, with the mistral bringing the refreshing fragrance of faraway fields.