Verbena Collection Verbena Collection

Verbena Collection

Invigorate your senses with the L'Occitane Verbena collection. Close your eyes and transport yourself down the market paths of Provence where the fresh organic Verbena leaves are piled high in baskets. Fill your senses with Verbena's distinctive lemony citrus fragrance and layer with our Verbena invigorating body & hair products for a longer lasting scent. Made with 100% organic Verbena, known for its cooling properties.

Classic Verbena Range

Enjoy the lemony freshness of our vibrant and zesty Verbena products for body and hand care, to help revive the body and mind.

Lemony, Sparkling & Refreshing

Lemony, Sparkling & Refreshing

There’s just something about the scent of Verbena that’s like a breath of fresh air. Its fresh scent pumps new life through your veins, and our Verbena Eau de Toilette is the epitome of revitalization.

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Citrus Verbena Range

Lemon and Grapefruit infused, our Citrus Verbena body and fragrance range will refresh you and give you the energy boost your body needs.

Fruity, Sunny & Invigorating

Fruity, Sunny & Invigorating

With added Lemon and Grapefruit extract, our Citrus Verbena body collection is a real cocktail of energy, combining freshness of Verbena with vitality of Citrus fruit.

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