A refreshing essence

L’OCCITANE’s Verbena Collection honors the long history of the herb, transferring its cooling properties to a line of fragrances, body care and hair care that will give your body and mind a little added boost to get you ready to take on the day.

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Rémy Margiella, an organic farmer with much experience in medicinal plants, planted a hectare of organic verbena in Tulette, in the Drôme Provençale region.

Did you know?

Verbena, also known as "the enchanter's plant", was a favourite plant with magicians – who used it to make love potions. Verbena is considered a universal remedy, hence why it is also called the "cure-all" herb.

Eau de toilette, Hesperide Vert

A refreshing lemony scent, loved by everyone! Verbena Eau de Toilette draws its inspiration from Mediterranean markets, a subtle fragrance revives both the body and mind.


Did you know?

Our verbena grows on an estate where the land is certified 100% organic, in small plots surrounded by forests. The estate can be found in the Grand Site de la Saint Victoire – a Natura 2000 site, where the biodiversity stakes are high. L'OCCITANE verbena has a unique scent  and reflects the biodiversity of the land from where it comes.