Each of our L'OCCITANE fragrances tells a story, revives a legend, sings the song of Provence. Our wide range of scents is perfect to suit different styles and personalities, always with a unique touch that embodies the captivating atmosphere of Provence.

New Limited Edition

Cherry Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette

Like a dream, a cherry tree in bloom forms an exquisite motif as its flowers and leaves intertwine against the spring sky. This breathtaking scene is the inspiration for our latest fragrance, which blends green notes with spring’s most radiant flower for a delicate, alluring scent.

Best sellers

Terre de Lumière

Captivating and fleeting, L'OCCITANE has captured the Golden Hour in a fragrance like no other.

Terre de Lumiere

Essence Of The Golden Hour

Terre de Lumiere Eau de Parfum



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